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Perfect Pulled Pork Recipe — An Easy Oven Pulled Pork Recipe

This pulled pork recipe is requested at each get-together we go to. It’s so fall-off-the-bone tender and full of taste you don’t even need BBQ sauce. It truthfully makes one of the best pulled pork sandwich ever. Come see how straightforward it is to make this pulled pork oven recipe.

Pulled Pork Recipe

Pulled Pork Recipe

Keep in mind final week once we have been talking about firm recipes? This pulled pork recipe is a type of recipes. I’ll never forget the first time I had this good pulled pork. I used to be a visitor in somebody’s house and this was their firm recipe. And true to firm recipe style, I instantly fell in love with it and begged for his or her recipe.

This pulled pork recipe is SO tender and full of taste — it just melts in your mouth. It’s so good it doesn’t even want BBQ sauce! And it really is ideal for firm as a result of everybody I’ve ever made this for has stated it’s the perfect pulled pork recipe ever. It’s a must to attempt it, at the least as soon as. You’ll be hooked on this pulled pork recipe!!

What’s the greatest minimize of pork for pulled pork?

Let’s select the right pork shoulder in your good pulled pork. The perfect piece of meat for this pulled pork recipe is a Four to 7 pound entire boston butt.

Pulled Pork Recipe

Ensure your pork shoulder has a layer of fats on the underside:

Pulled Pork Recipe

It also needs to have a bone going about halfway by means of it. (It doesn’t go right through. Just midway.)

Pulled Pork Recipe

Pulled Pork Recipe Gear

After you select your good pork shoulder, you might need to decide up a couple of different gadgets for this straightforward pulled pork recipe.

Pulled Pork Recipe

Roasting Pan

For this pulled pork recipe you’ll need a 3″ deep roasting pan that’s large enough to hold your pork shoulder so that there is at the least 1″ of additional room on all sides. In fact you’ll have a pleasant roasting pan at house that you should use. I just decide up one among these disposable ones at the grocery retailer for easier clear up.

Brining Bag

You’ll additionally want one thing LARGE to brine the roast in. I exploit a 2 gallon ziploc bag for this pulled pork recipe.

Meat Thermometer

The very last thing is a digital thermometer with an alarm. You don’t should have one, but I discover this digital thermometer to be a particularly useful piece of kit in my kitchen. The thermometer stays within the meat, within the oven whereas the digital reader sits outdoors on prime of the range. You set the alarm and it will go off when the meat has reached the desired temp. I LOVE it because I don’t need to continuously maintain checking on the pulled pork. I simply put it in and overlook it!

You possibly can decide one among these up fairly low cost (less than $20) at the grocery store (and virtually anywhere- Amazon, Target, Walmart, and so on). And you need to use it for everything- hen, steak, burgers, and particularly this pulled pork recipe. I adore it for baking hen because you understand exactly when the hen is completed and it doesn’t get dried out.

Step 1: The Pulled Pork Rub

Now that you simply’ve acquired all your gear, let’s start out by making the special pulled pork rub that makes this pulled pork recipe so perfectly seasoned.

Pulled Pork Recipe

Dry Rub Components

1 tbsp ground cumin
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp onion powder
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tbsp cayenne pepper
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp ground pepper
1 tbsp paprika
1/2 cup brown sugar

Pulled Pork Recipe

Combine all elements collectively nicely and store in an air tight container.

Pulled Pork Recipe

This smells absolutely divine. Cover it and set it aside.

Step 2: The Pork Shoulder Brine

A brine answer provides this pulled pork recipe the extra moisture it needs for an extended, sluggish cooking course of so you don’t end up with robust, dried out meat.

Pulled Pork Recipe

Brine Answer Components

1/2 cup salt
half cup brown sugar
2 qts chilly water
three tbsp dry rub mix
2 bay leaves

Add salt to chilly water and stir very properly till all the salt is completely dissolved. Then add the brown sugar and dry rub and stir properly to combine.

Rinse the pork shoulder in cold water and place in a 2 gallon ziploc bag (or a container large enough so the shoulder is totally coated in the pork shoulder brine answer).

Pulled Pork Recipe

Rigorously pour within the pork shoulder brine answer…

Pulled Pork Recipe

And add in two dried bay leaves.

Pulled Pork Recipe

You’ll find these in the spice section of the grocery retailer.

Pulled Pork Recipe

Refrigerate the pork shoulder in the brine for at the least 12 hours. For this pulled pork recipe, 24-36 hours of brining time is greatest. I often brine about 24 hours. I like to wash out a spot in my fridge door and hold the pork shoulder there because it helps maintain the pork shoulder utterly coated in brine.

Pulled Pork Recipe

Step 3: Getting ready the Pork Shoulder

After the pork shoulder has completed brining, preheat oven to 225 levels Fahrenheit. Yes, 225 levels, that isn’t a typo! We prepare dinner the meat “low and slow” in this pulled pork recipe. Remove the pork shoulder from the brine answer and place in the roasting pan.

Pulled Pork Recipe

Pat the skin dry with paper towels so you’ll get a pleasant, crisp crust.

Pulled Pork Recipe

Generously, generously, cowl the WHOLE pork shoulder in your dry rub combine.

Pulled Pork Recipe

And therapeutic massage the dry rub mix into the pores and skin rather well. Make sure and get it up beneath any flaps you could come throughout.

Pulled Pork Recipe

It should seem like the picture under if you’re carried out massaging. When you have dry rub combine left, that’s okay. We can be using it later.

Pulled Pork Recipe

Make certain the fat layer is dealing with UP and stick the thermometer into the thickest part of the shoulder, but not touching the bone.

Pulled Pork Recipe

Place uncovered in a 225 degree Fahrenheit oven on the center rack.

Pulled Pork Recipe

Why 200 degrees?

Set the alarm on the thermometer for 200 degrees. For this pulled pork recipe, we don’t need to take the pulled pork out of the oven till the middle of the shoulder reaches no less than 200 degrees. The primary time I made this, I used to be like what?? 200 levels?? Are you kidding?? Isn’t a roast often achieved at 170 levels?? Gained’t my meat be robust and dried out??

But here’s what I came upon. The pork is finished to the point of being sliceable at 170 degrees, however to get that tender, falling aside, melt-in-your-mouth shredded pork, the perfect inner temperature ought to reach a minimum of 200 levels. The pulled pork continues to be just as tender, juicy and flavorful since you brined it first. That’s what makes this pulled pork recipe so superb!

Planning Ahead

This eight pound pork shoulder took 13 hours to succeed in 200 levels. Your shoulder will reach 170-180 in a short time, however those last 20 levels will take for much longer. Plan for at the very least 12 hours, and perhaps 15+ hours for this pulled pork recipe.

Right here’s how I usually do it… Two days before I need to serve this, I prepare the brine answer and let the shoulder brine over night time and all day the subsequent day within the fridge. That night time proper before mattress, I season the shoulder with the dry rub and put it in the oven and let it prepare dinner overnight. Even a small shoulder will take at the least 10 hours to prepare dinner, so that you don’t have to worry concerning the alarm waking you up the subsequent morning.

Verify Your Oven!

Some ovens mechanically turn off after 12 hours. Observe the time you set the shoulder in the oven, and you could need to set an alarm to provide you with a warning 12 hours later so you’ll be able to verify and ensure your oven continues to be on. A large shoulder might easily take 13-16 hours to prepare dinner with this pulled pork recipe.

When the thermometer alarm goes off and the pork shoulder has reached 200 levels, flip off the oven and let the pork shoulder relaxation for about 2 hours before removing from the oven. Turn off the alarm, but hold the thermometer within the meat, so you possibly can monitor the temperature. If the underside of the pan is dry (or crusted with dried spices) cover the pan with foil to retain inner moisture of the meat through the resting period.

Pulled Pork Recipe

After a couple hours, when the temperature drops to 170 degrees or barely lower, take away the pork shoulder from the oven.

Take away the massive sheet of crusted fat on the top. Using two giant forks, start pulling the pork shoulder aside. It should crumble very simply and it shouldn’t take you lengthy in any respect to tug apart the whole pork shoulder.

Southern Pulled Pork. This is the real deal.

The within can be fall-off-the-bone tender, and the surface could have a deliciously seasoned crispy crust. Be happy so as to add any leftover seasoning if you would like just a little more seasoning.

How many individuals will this pulled pork recipe serve?

How a lot does your pork shoulder weigh? Multiply that by 1.5 for an estimate of how many people it’ll serve.

For instance in case your pork shoulder is 4 pounds, it’s going to serve around 6 individuals. If your pork shoulder is 7 pounds, it should serve round 10.5 individuals.

To be extra precise, you need to have about 1/three to 1/2 pound of meat per individual. But keep in mind that a bone-in pork shoulder will solely yield around 60% of its weight when cooked. So for those who purchase a 5-pound pork shoulder on the grocery retailer, when cooked it’s going to yield round 3 lbs of meat, which can serve 6-9 individuals.

Calculate How Many Individuals Your Pork Shoulder Will Serve:

Sort this into Google:
What’s 60% of (weight of pork shoulder)?

Multiply that number by 2 for a low estimate of how many people it can serve
Multiply that quantity by three for a high estimate of how many people it is going to serve

Southern Pulled Pork. This is the real deal.

How To Make The Greatest Pulled Pork Sandwich

Put slightly butter on some hamburger buns, toast beneath the broiler until calmly browned, and prime with pulled pork. It’s so juicy and flavorful, you gained’t even want BBQ sauce.

Southern Pulled Pork. This is the real deal.

How you can Reheat Pulled Pork

Simply pop it in a 350-375 diploma oven for about 5 minutes. You’ll know when it’s completed because the entire kitchen will begin smelling so good! Pulled pork additionally freezes rather well, simply thaw it and reheat in the oven.

See how straightforward it is to make this Pulled Pork Recipe!

Watch the video under to see how straightforward it’s to make this pulled pork recipe!



  • 1 (Four-7 pound) entire Boston Butt or pork shoulder (bone-in with a layer of fats on the bottom)

Dry Rub

  • 1 tablespoon floor cumin
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon onion powder
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon floor pepper
  • 1 tablespoon paprika
  • half cup brown sugar

Brine Answer

  • 1/2 cup salt
  • half cup brown sugar
  • 2 quarts chilly water
  • 2 bay leaves
  • three tablespoons dry rub combine



  1. Mix properly and store in an air tight container.


  1. Add salt to chilly water and stir very nicely till all the salt is totally dissolved. Then add the brown sugar, dry rub, and bay leaves and stir nicely to combine.


  1. Rinse the pork shoulder and place in a big container, pour in the brine answer until the shoulder is completely coated. Cover the container and place in the refrigerator for at the least 12 hours.
  2. Take away pork shoulder from brine answer, pat dry with paper towels, place in baking pan that is greater than the shoulder by no less than a inch in size and width and at the very least three inches deep. Sprinkle dry rub onto the floor of the shoulder and massage in such that it adheres to the surface. Coat all sides. Ensure that the fat layer on the shoulder is dealing with up before cooking! Place baking pan uncovered in a 225 diploma F oven on the center rack. Insert a probe thermometer into the middle or thickest part of the shoulder, but not touching the bone. Monitor the temperature throughout cooking (a digital thermometer with an alarm perform is the simplest means to do this). Do not remove from the oven till the center of the shoulder reaches 200 levels.
  3. When the shoulder has reached 200 degrees, shut off the oven and let the roast cool for a few hours earlier than eradicating from the oven. If the bottom of the pan is dry (or crusted with dried spices) then cover the pan with foil to retain inner moisture of the meat in the course of the cooling interval. When the temperature drops to 170 levels or slightly decrease, take away from oven. Place on a large, clear work floor reminiscent of a slicing board, and take away the massive sheet of crusted fat on the top. Pull apart with two forks, it’ll pull apart very easily. Serve for friends and family!

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This pulled pork is so delicious, it earns two pages within the recipe e-book.

Pulled Pork Recipe

Pulled Pork Recipe