How to Monitor CPU & GPU Temps (And How to Lower It)

Lately, processors have come a great distance. Corporations like Intel, Xeon, IBM, AMD, Samsung, and more have developed a few of the most superior know-how obtainable.

If you’d like your pc to run at its greatest, you’ve gotten to monitor your processor temperature.

If your CPU or GPU gets too scorching, it could trigger extreme injury to the motherboard and can ultimately depart you with a lifeless pc.

This can be a notably prevalent drawback for players and media editors, as these people often push their processors to the limit.

So, in case you’re coping with lots of movies or are an avid gamer, you’ve obtained to ensure you maintain your temperatures in examine.

Unfortunately, Home windows 10 does not come preloaded with software program that permits you to examine it easily.

This leaves lots of customers wondering:

  • How do I monitor my temperatures?
  • How do I be sure my pc isn’t overheating?

Properly, we’ve obtained answers. There are numerous totally different packages you’ll be able to obtain and use to monitor your system hardware.

We’ve listed a number of of them under.

This text may also cowl CPU & GPU info together with:


CoreTemp is likely one of the easiest and most effective methods to verify the CPU and GPU temperatures on your pc. It’s suitable with most PCs, so it should suit your wants no matter what sort of system you’re working with.

Primarily, this product works by studying the Digital Thermal Sensor (DTS) in your pc’s processor. In Windows 10, the one other approach to get entry to the DTS is to learn the machine’s BIOS (primary enter/output system), which might be difficult for the typical shopper.

Users respect this piece of software for its easy, straightforward to use interface. All you could have to do is install the program and open it up to get an correct studying of your pc’s condition.

The makers of CoreTemp satisfaction themselves on having created a product that leaves a “small footprint,” which means that it takes up little or no area in your pc and requires only a small quantity of power to function.

Nevertheless, some users have criticized the software program for installing bloatware on their computers.

This can be a free program, though, so it gained’t value you something to check out.

Open Hardware Monitor

Although Open Hardware Monitor has a barely totally different interface than CoreTemp, it’s just as environment friendly and straightforward to use.

Nevertheless, this program is praised by users for providing a extra comprehensive reading of the pc’s mechanisms.

Open Hardware Monitor screenshot

Whereas CoreTemp is capable of reading the temperature of the machine’s processors, Open Hardware Monitor also reads fan speeds.

So, it is going to inform you whether or not or not your pc’s fans are spinning at a fee that’s in a position to cool it down.

In fact, this function is simply helpful if you understand how to assess a traditional fan velocity. It gained’t do much for you in any other case.

And it’s an open supply program, too, which additionally makes it fashionable among programmers and different pc specialists. Whereas different temperature-monitoring software products stay the identical for years on end, this one is regularly being updated to fix bugs and add features.


Speccy is a product designed to help PC users optimize their machines. It analyzes almost every facet of the pc, from the CPU temperature to the health of the graphics card and the condition of the motherboard.

Piriform, the product’s producer, provides three totally different versions of the product: Free, Skilled, and Skilled Plus.

Unusually enough, the Free and Professional products supply the same capabilities. Both can analyze temperatures and ship different insights.

Speccy screenshot

The primary distinction between the 2 products is that the Professional model comes with automated updates and entry to help. The price of this program is $19.95.

The third and costliest ($39.95) choice comes with all the features of the unique, together with a cleansing program and a file recovery program.

These sound like nice options, but they will not be well worth the 40 bucks in the event you’re on the lookout for a approach to monitor your pc’s temperature.

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is likely one of the hottest packages among players, mainly due to its highly detailed evaluation features.

Not only does this program provide an in-depth report on the status of the graphics card (together with GPU temperature), nevertheless it also handles easier duties like monitoring the CPU.

One of many options that differentiate MSI Afterburner from its rivals is that it permits customers to customise their fan profiles.

In other phrases, users can respond to overly-high temperatures by turning their followers up to cool it down.

MSI Afterburner screenshot

Moreover, MSI provides customers the opportunity to capture video of their pc display. This can be a massive vendor for players who’re regularly wanting to rewatch their matches or submit them to YouTube.

And whereas the video function doesn’t essentially make it a better program for monitoring temperatures, it’s all the time good to have a bit of software that may kill two birds with one stone.


When you’re in search of a program that may notify you when your CPU and GPU temperatures get too excessive, you might want to go for NZXT CAM.

Not only does this program monitor your temps, nevertheless it sends automated messages to let you understand whenever you want to turn them down, too.

NZXT CAM screenshot

And, the company provides a cellular app that permits you to monitor your PC temperature remotely. It also enables you to control your pc’s elements, too, which is pretty next-level for those who ask us.

Although CAM is free to download and use, it appears that NZXT makes use of it to promote their hardware merchandise.

So, when you go for this program, you’ll be able to anticipate to get plenty of emails and pop-ups promoting fans, lighting kits, and tower instances.

NZXT CAM Mobile screenshots

What’s a Protected CPU Temperature?

Hardware monitoring software program is useless should you don’t understand how to use it properly. In case you can’t assess whether your pc is operating at a protected temperature, it’s sort of like using a word processing program that varieties in a language you don’t understand.

So, it helps to know what you’re on the lookout for once you open up your program.

Sometimes, you want your CPU temperature to fall someplace around room temp. In case your room is round 70°F/21°C, your pc ought to be operating proper around the similar temperature.

Now, if your pc will get hotter than that, don’t panic. It’s normal for PCs to run as excessive as 200°F/92°C.

Once its temperature reaches 210°F/98°C, though, most computer systems will shut down. At that time, the machine might be fried and gained’t perform once more.

So, once your PC begins reaching temps within the upper lots of, you’ll in all probability want to shut it down and find a approach to repair it, which we’ll cover under.

Conversely, you’ll also want to avoid using it when it’s too cold. Once it drops down to near-freezing ranges (40°F/4°C), it’s in all probability sensible to flip it off. In any other case, the mechanisms in your PC are going to freeze.

What is a Protected GPU Temperature?

Comparable to CPU temps, you by no means want your GPU temperature to rise too excessive. But, your GPU often is hotter than the CPU when it’s resting.

You sometimes need it to be round 100°F/38°C at relaxation.

If you’re in gaming mode (or whenever you’re video modifying, sound mixing, and so on.), it might get as excessive as 185°F/85°C.

If it will get any hotter than 200°F/95°C, you have to be nervous.

The GPU is actually a measurement of the health of the graphics card. If the graphics card gets too heat, it’s like it has a fever. At a sure level, your pc will shut down and should not turn again on once more.

Even when it does turn again on though, you’ll in all probability discover that the graphics are off. They could not load as shortly, or there could also be some injury to the image.

And, once your graphics card overheats simply as soon as, it should more than likely degrade much quicker than it might in any other case.

CPU Temperature Too High? Here’s How to Repair It

If your PC’s CPU gets too scorching, you’ll want to take steps to repair it. In any other case, the issue will only get worse. Ultimately, you’re possible to end up computerless.

So, in case you discover that temperatures are outdoors the protected range, there are some things you must do.

Listed here are some things you possibly can attempt:

1. Run a Clean Boot

A Clear Boot is a means you could run your pc with simply the essential purposes it wants to activate.

In other phrases, it allows you to boot up with out operating all the excess packages that could possibly be bogging your pc down.

It takes a tiny bit of pc savvy, however it’s comparatively straightforward to do.

You possibly can find out how to run a Clear Boot in Home windows 10 by clicking right here.

2. Utilize the Energy Troubleshooter

When you don’t feel like diving into the system to run a Boot, you’ll be able to attempt operating the Energy Troubleshooter as an alternative.

This can be a primary software that Microsoft designed to help users fix easy issues in their computers.

When you run a Power Troubleshooter and your pc finds a hardware or software program situation, it is going to let you already know the issue. Then, you possibly can either fix it yourself or attain out to somebody who can fix it for you.

three. Substitute (Or Clean) the Fan

Typically, excessive CPU temperatures are a sign of faulty or getting older fans. In any case, if your followers aren’t in a position to cool the computer down, it runs the danger of overheating.

Sometimes, you could discover that amassed mud is liable for a sluggish fan. If mud can build up contained in the fan’s motor or wheel, it could possibly trigger the mechanism to rotate slower.

However extra typically, that is just a signal that the fan is just too previous. Subsequently, you’ll have to have a brand new one installed.

4. Make Positive Your Hardware is Suitable with Home windows 10

When you’ve only recently put in Windows 10 in your pc, the problem could possibly be that your hardware is incompatible.

Even when your pc runs Home windows eight or another earlier version simply effective, it might not take too kindly to the upgrade.

If so, you may need to reach out to Microsoft immediately to get the issue fastened. They could give you the option to refer you to a licensed professional who can both upgrade your hardware or restore the earlier model of Windows on your pc.

How to Lower GPU Temperatures

While high CPU temperatures could be brought on by software program, high GPU temperatures are virtually all the time hardware-driven.

So, in case your graphics card is getting too scorching, it’s possible that you simply’ll have to substitute some elements.

You could give you the chance to take the fan out and spray it with compressed air to remove any dust. Or, you may even give you the chance to take away the graphics card and clear it off with baby wipes.

If neither of these issues works, nevertheless, you may need to purchase a brand new fan, case, or even graphics card. Some high-intensity players also add CPU cooler methods to their rig to help maintain their pc cool.

In fact, in the event you’ve never disassembled a pc, we wouldn’t advocate doing it your self. Enlisting the assistance of a tech-savvy good friend or hiring knowledgeable might prevent a ton of hassle.

Don’t Let Your Pc Overheat!

We will’t reiterate sufficient how essential it is to hold your GPU and CPU temperatures inside a protected vary, notably when you put your machine via lots of stress.

Fortunately, there are plenty of packages on the market that may show you how to monitor them in Home windows 10.

By simply downloading one of the software program packages described above and utilizing it to regulate your temperatures, you’ll have the opportunity to maintain your pc operating smoothly.

It takes slightly bit of extra effort now, but it is going to be useful on your PC experience — regardless of in case you have an ASUS or an Acer pc — in the long term.