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2019 Viasat Review (Formerly Exede)

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IdentifyWorthDownload velocityView planUnlimited Bronze 12$50/mo.12 MbpsView PlanLimitless Silver 12$65/mo.12 MbpsView PlanUnlimited Gold 12$95/mo.12 MbpsView PlanLimitless Bronze 25$50/mo.25 MbpsView PlanLimitless Silver 25$70/mo.25 MbpsView PlanLimitless Gold 30$100/mo.30 MbpsView PlanUnlimited Gold 50$100/mo.50 MbpsView PlanUnlimited Platinum 100$150/mo.100 MbpsView Plan

IdentifyLimitless Bronze 12Unlimited Silver 12Unlimited Gold 12Unlimited Bronze 25Limitless Silver 25Limitless Gold 30Unlimited Gold 50Unlimited Platinum 100
WorthDownload velocityView plan
$50/mo.12 MbpsView Plan
$65/mo.12 MbpsView Plan
$95/mo.12 MbpsView Plan
$50/mo.25 MbpsView Plan
$70/mo.25 MbpsView Plan
$100/mo.30 MbpsView Plan
$100/mo.50 MbpsView Plan
$150/mo.100 MbpsView Plan

In the event you reside in a rural area and names like “Xfinity” or “CenturyLink” sound like a distant dream, then satellite tv for pc web could be your greatest guess to reside within the country and nonetheless get your Netflix repair.

There aren’t a ton of satellite internet options out there, but of your (precisely two) decisions, we advocate Viasat. It’s acquired a slew of plans out there (relying on where you reside), and it has larger speeds than the competitors.

Viasat is dear, but that’s simply how satellite tv for pc web goes.

When you’re coming to Viasat from a cable or fiber web plan, then prepare for some sticker shock. Viasat’s plans are expensive, particularly for the speeds they offer. But truthfully, they’re not abnormal for satellite web.

That’s why when you have a selection between satellite and different forms of web connections, we pretty much all the time advocate the other varieties (until it’s significantly simply dial-up).

All that stated, Viasat has come a great distance in recent times. Viasat’s web speeds—quicker now than ever before—should go well with you just positive, especially if all you could do is examine Facebook and ship pictures to your mates.

Viasat web plans and prices

IdentifyObtain velocityWorthKnowledge capView plan
Limitless Bronze 1212 Mbps$50/mo.*40View Plan
Unlimited Silver 1212 Mbps$65/mo.*60View Plan
Limitless Gold 1212 Mbps$95/mo.*100View Plan
Unlimited Bronze 2525 Mbps$50/mo.*35View Plan
Limitless Silver 2525 Mbps$70/mo.*60View Plan
Limitless Gold 3030 Mbps$100/mo.*100View Plan
Unlimited Gold 5050 Mbps$100/mo.*100View Plan
Unlimited Platinum 100100 Mbps$150/mo.*150View Plan
Knowledge efficient 11/19/18. Provides and availability differ by location and are subject to vary.

For the first 3 months.

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Actual prices depend upon the place you reside. You possibly can enter your handle right here to see which plans are available in your space.

We all know, we know—that looks like lots of plans. But which plan you will get—and how much you find yourself paying—completely depends upon where you live.

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How much velocity do you want?

In the event you don’t care about gaming and also you simply use the web to read threads on Reddit and send work emails, you then don’t need a lightning-speed plan—25 Mbps will be just right for you. But when your 4 youngsters all need to watch Journey Time on separate iPads, you then’ll have to spring for the upper bandwidth plans.

Watch out for the three-month worth hike

For most (however not all) of its plans, Viasat jacks up your costs pretty dramatically after your first three months of service. After that, your worth locks in for the rest of your 2-year contract, however that preliminary bounce is a ache within the wallet.

We’ve to ding Viasat for this one—we don’t like when corporations lure you in with lower prices after which increase it after just some months. We expect it’s misleading.

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Heads up

Even with the shock worth hike, Viasat’s costs are better than HughesNet (the only other satellite web supplier on the market). HughesNet typically expenses extra per megabit per second than Viasat does (although it is determined by where you reside).

Viasat web contracts

Lastly! A satellite web supplier that doesn’t require contracts. Viasat used to make you signal a 24-month contract with every plan, but that’s modified.

Don’t get too excited simply but though—skipping the contract will value you. Viasat requires you to pay a $300 no-long-term-contract charge should you select to dodge the commitment.1

When you plan on preserving your web for a minimum of two years, then we advocate simply going with the contract. There’s no have to pay three-hundo simply to be off the authorized hook when you do determine to cancel your service.

Are there early termination fees?

In the event you sign a contract, then sure. For those who cancel your contract early, then Viasat will cost you a critical chunk of money. It’s $15 per 30 days for every month you had left on your contract, which might find yourself costing over $300.2

For those who cancel your service early, you also should return all the gear you have got installed, which is, frankly, a pain in the rear.

In the event you do cancel early or finish out your contract, don’t overlook to return your gear within 30 days. For those who don’t, you’ll be on the hook for $300. Yikes.

Viasat internet speeds

Relying on where you live, Viasat has some spectacular high-speed choices.

Identical to with every thing else satellite web, Viasat speeds differ relying on where you live. You may get 12 Mbps, or you may get 100 Mbps.

Viasat web speeds

IdentifyDownload velocityView plan
Limitless Bronze 1212 MbpsView Plan
Unlimited Silver 1212 MbpsView Plan
Limitless Gold 1212 MbpsView Plan
Unlimited Bronze 2525 MbpsView Plan
Limitless Silver 2525 MbpsView Plan
Unlimited Gold 3030 MbpsView Plan
Unlimited Gold 5050 MbpsView Plan
Limitless Platinum 100100 MbpsView Plan

Even with those fancy new high-speed plans, Viasat’s nonetheless not an incredible choice in case you’re a gamer. As a result of satellite internet has excessive latency, it doesn’t work nicely for gaming, video chats, or VPNs.

On the brilliant aspect, you gained’t discover latency much in any respect for slower-speed internet actions, like scrolling via Instagram. Simply don’t attempt to play Fortnite on your Viasat connection.

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Observe about 4K videos

Even when you have a 4K TV, you in all probability gained’t be capable of stream exhibits in 4K decision over a satellite tv for pc internet connection. Viasat routinely adjusts video resolution to scale back the quantity of knowledge you employ.

What’s latency?

Latency is the time it takes for info to travel from point A to point B. Because satellite web principally comes from outer area. (We know, science aficionados. . . most satellites aren’t technically in outer area. Just allow us to have this one.)

Your satellite web connection has to jump across a number of units to get you the knowledge you need. There’s not solely your laptop computer/telephone/tablet, there’s also your satellite tv for pc dish, your web supplier’s actual orbiting satellite tv for pc, and a stationary satellite dish. All that travel takes slightly additional time.

That’s why satellite tv for pc web doesn’t work for gaming: the info can’t transfer that quick throughout a satellite tv for pc connection.

How do Viasat knowledge tips work?

Viasat’s plans are technically limitless, however that doesn’t imply they’ve limitless high-speed knowledge.

Identical to your limitless cellphone plan, Viasat provides you a specific amount of “priority data,” and after that, you’ll notice a big slowdown.

Viasat internet knowledge tips

IdentifyKnowledge capView plan
Unlimited Bronze 1240View Plan
Unlimited Silver 1260View Plan
Limitless Gold 12100View Plan
Limitless Bronze 2535View Plan
Unlimited Silver 2560View Plan
Unlimited Gold 30100View Plan
Limitless Gold 50100View Plan
Unlimited Platinum 100150View Plan

If you wish to save your knowledge pennies, you can do issues to make use of less knowledge. For example, you possibly can modify movies to play at lower resolutions, and you should use Viasat’s own net browser, which helps scale back your knowledge utilization.

You can too maintain monitor of your knowledge usage using Viasat’s app, which you’ll be able to download in both the Google Play Store or the Apple App Retailer.

Viasat installation and gear

Don’t worry about having to put in difficult gear—knowledgeable will do it for you.

Your Viasat web uses a satellite dish and a modem. Knowledgeable technician has to put in both these issues, and that technician will in all probability be from a third-party contractor.

Plan on the set up course of taking two or three hours. The technician’s actual arrival time could be dicey, so we’d say simply take off that entire day should you can.

When the technician gets there, they’ll connect the satellite dish to your roof (or a wall) and make sure it’s pointed the best solution to talk with the orbiting satellite tv for pc. Once they end putting in the dish and your modem, you’ll be good to go.

Viasat gear lease choices

Viasat doesn’t allow you to purchase gear, so you will have two lease choices:

  1. Month-to-month lease
  2. Lifetime lease

With the month-to-month lease, you pay a payment each month for nevertheless long you could have the gear. The lifetime lease is way more costly, however once you pay the complete lease worth, you’re finished.

Month-to-month lease worth: $9.99 per 30 days

Lifetime lease worth: $299

It will take 30 months for the price of the lifetime lease to make the one-time cost value it.three However in case you can afford the up-front value, it’s often value it. Most people hold their service for longer than two and a half years, so the lifetime lease can save you some critical cash.

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Keep in mind

Even for those who select the lifetime lease choice, you still need to return your gear should you ever cancel your service.


When you stay out in the country and satellite tv for pc internet is your solely choice, then Viasat is an effective selection. It has higher-speed plans than ever earlier than, and it often beats the competition on both worth and velocity (though, once more, it is dependent upon the place you live).

Have you ever ever had satellite internet? Have you ever observed any issues with latency? Have the speeds been high enough to suit your needs? Let us know within the comments!


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