May 29, 2016

Symmetry in your eyes

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Have you ever thought about symmetry? What does it mean for you? It is an apple cut in two pieces? the lines from the railway track? your hands? your nutshell? What?

Could you possible think about symmetry while looking at two different things, or even more, two different people?  I’m sure you would.

It’s just a matter of time for you to realize that symmetry is all around us. All you got to do is switch a button in your nutshell and let the main concept to melt inside you and then take it with your hands and remodel it in the way your inner self is seeing the true symmetry.

Will Hoffman, Daniel Mercadante and Julius Metoyer are those kind of people who have had the courage to change the main concept and let us see a new and a deeper perspective of how things and human relations might be understood through the symmetry.

They formed Everynone, which is a group that promotes collective sharing of ideas and art projects. Their motto is “three experiences are more potent than one.” Take a look at the video bellow to see what symmetry means for them.

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