May 31, 2016

Football under artificial clouds

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Generally, the Football World Cups took place in the summer. However, the 2022 Qatar World Cup has had generated a dilemma among FIFA decision group. “World Cup in summer or in winter?“

Well, there is plenty of time to decide that, but, Qatar nutshells haven’t waited to long and thought to act firmly. Therefore they presented a simple and a feasible solution if FIFA extracts summer from the “Chapeau Magique.”

The department of mechanical and industrial engineering from the University of Qatar found a way to face the unbearable Arabian summer heats: to equip those nine football arenas with a sort of cloud air-conditioners that are able to regulate the temperature. These clouds would be remote controlled and would work totally on solar energy. The costs of such a project represent 500,000 U.S. dollars (~360,000 euros). Multiply this sum with 9 and you’ll have a $ 4.5M (3.2M).
A piece of cake for Qatar …

Introducing Qatar 2022’s First Five Stadiums!

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