May 26, 2016

Dreams in Small Packages

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Have you ever doubt that a book could fit in a nutshell? I mean a real nutshell. Well, if you have Mr. Tari József will show you that it is really possible, not only to fit great books in real nutshells, but to grow dreams that have roots in innocence. I’m talking here about miniature books, so small, that you’ll surely need a magnifier to read their content or a lilliputian to whisper their words.
Now, let’s see what Mr. Tari has to say about his miniature books collection.

I started collecting miniature books in 1972. I attended a printer-school and our teachers, who were also printers, always greeted me with the question „Do you have any miniature book with you?” This made me interested and I asked my fellow students, what a miniature book was. They showed me one and I really liked it. I soon bought my first miniature book, „The Constitution of the Hungarian People’s Republic”, in size 26×35 mm. From then on I received my little books from colleagues, and I also bought pieces myself as well. In the beginning I kept them in a paper box, later I had shelves prepared for my collection.
I always tried to get more copies from each publication, so that I could exchange them with other collectors.

My collection is international, I have books from 31 countries. Most of them are, of course, Hungarian, since I am Hungarian and live in Hungary. Friends and acquaintances have helped me a lot in augmenting my collection, but I receive the most support from my family. My daughters, Zsuzsi and Eszter and their aunt help me a lot with my correspondence, as I unfortunately do not speak foreign languages. My biggest shelf was prepared by Eszter’s husband, while my other son-in-law gave me several little chests of drawers. My family has to put up with another hobby of mine besides my collecting miniature books: chess. I am a registered competitor.

Besides chess and miniature books I enjoy reading and I do my best in my profession as well. I also published miniature books which I designed and prepared, more of which were illustrated by my daughter Eszter Tari, who is an artist.

Collectors always have dreams, and if one or the other is fulfilled, new dreams take their places. Some Hungarian rarities are still missing from my collection, and these are really hard to get. However, I would also like to add books of other nations to my collection.

Tari József, miniature books collector

If you would like to contact the artist, please visit his web blog. Also, if you are an artist, and you would like us to post your work on our website, please tell us in contact section.

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