May 24, 2016

Deep down things

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David Johndrow’s photography explores the “deep down things” that surround us yet often go unnoticed. Whether it’s the elegance of a beetle or the fleeting grace of a flower, no detail escapes his gaze. In this collection of photos, David takes us into his garden and intimately introduces us to it’s many denizens.

‘Most of these photographs were taken in my backyard, where my aim has been to achieve a direct communion with fleeting natural phenomena in the process of living and changing from moment to moment; and because the subjects are “in their element,” they have an immediacy and wildness that cannot be captured in a studio or as a specimen.

As a photographer I used to think I had to travel far to find interesting landscapes or subjects but when I began to get serious about gardening 10 or so years ago, and began to become intimately connected with this tiny patch of Earth I inhabit, I realized I just had to enter more deeply into my own garden, where there resides seemingly infinite worlds of vibrant and meaningful life.’
David Johndrow

If you would like to contact the artist, please visit his website. Also, if you are an artist, and you would like us to post your work on our website, please tell us in contact section.

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