June 1, 2016

Alfonsina y el Mar

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Sadness is the felling that each nutshell experiences during her/his lifetime. There are many ways one could express that feeling to other people. Looking in these human manifestation we see that only music is able to penetrate other person’s wall in order to make him understand the dimension of the sufferance. Not everybody is able to do that, but there are a few people that are capable of transmitting this temporary soul status, using only their voice. Among them we find Mercedes Sosa, a voice that brakes your soul’s nutshell and envelopes your spirit with soft and sweet poems which will make you cry for being such an ignorant to other’s sufferance.

Alfonsina y el Mar is the song that Mercedes will sing for you anytime you want to understand or empathize with a friend or with someone that needs you. So let the voice, the piano and the story to fill your nutshell and take you in a mysterious land where the sea foam is you sadness and the crystal sea water is your cure.

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